Apprentice Web Designer

Bristol-based Digital Marketing agency Tickbox Marketing are offering a government funded apprenticeship (BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Creative and Digital Media (QCF)) in website design and development.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, work-ready individual with a keen interest in the digital and creative industries.

This opportunity would suit a highly motivated candidate with good communication and organisation skills, an eye for detail and a real passion for technology and web. Strong logical thinking and problem solving skills are a must.

Tickbox would provide support for the candidate to develop their skills, and gain experience on the job, with the opportunity to grow the position into a permanent web designer or developer role.

The role’s activities would be wide-ranging, and the focus could be modified to suit the candidate’s skills and interests, in an agency whose work includes web design, social media and email marketing as well as developing web software products. The responsibilities would include converting designs into HTML, writing functionality with PHP, testing websites, as well as general office and client-facing tasks.

This role would have support from both a supervisor and a developer.

Please apply with a brief CV, a covering letter (no more than 300 words) explaining why you feel you would be suitable for this role, and some examples of your work, both coding and design.

The role

The role involves:

• following a training programme
• converting web page mock-ups into HTML/CSS
• cross-browser testing and functional testing, of both the candidate’s own work and the work of others, for internal quality assurance
• interacting with clients
• providing phone and email support to clients
• project management
• education in, and use of, web development methodologies

Essential skills:

• Demonstrable experience in programming and computers
• All-round computer skills (both hardware and software)
• Some experience in hand-coding web pages with HTML & CSS
• Basic use of Photoshop and/or InDesign

Desirable (but not required) skills:

• some Javascript/JQuery experience
• knowledge of domain/DNS/nameserver behaviour
• knowledge of and experience in use of PHP coding, MySQL or other database
• knowledge of quirks of rendering of websites in different browsers
• experience in browser testing
• experience in user testing
• knowledge of server-side scripting (PHP, python or perl) would be beneficial
• knowledge of web server environments (preferably LAMP)


30 per week, Monday-Friday, 9.30 am – 4.30pm


The starting salary for the role would be £82.15/week.


Park Street, Bristol

Closing date

Applications close Friday 31st October 2012.

Applicants must be available for interview between Monday 22nd October and Friday 2nd November. Interviews will be held in Bristol.

We expect the employment to commence on Monday 12th November.

To apply

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