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Looking for paid subjects for user testing workshop

We’re holding a user testing workshop for a new site we are launching and are looking for people to take part.

The workshops are being held on Thursday 9th April at our offices in Park Street, Bristol, and testing subjects will receive £15 for taking part.

Testers will be asked to work through a series of scenarios using a website while being observed, with a total time of between 30-40 minutes per person.

If you are available between 11:30 and 4:10 on the 9th April and would like to take part in the testing, get in touch with us here or call Claire on 0117 3250091.

Seamless video fundraising on the Cards at YouTube

YouTube is a great platform for charities to get their messages out to a wide audience in powerful way – our client HorseWorld has just seen their moving video of rescue horse Buddy’s story go viral, attracting more than 40,000 views overnight.

But turning those views into cash hasn’t always been so straightforward for charities. Appeals in the video lack the direct call-to-action that converts a moment of engagement into a donation, and viewers rarely read the description where you’ve placed your donation platform link.

Until now, the only way to get users to click straight through was through annotations on the video, clickable text areas that are bit clunky and – crucially when most online traffic is now mobile – don’t work at all on smartphones and mobile devices.

Now YouTube has launched a new way of embedding interactive content into your videos -Cards. Cards are more elegant way of creating clickable calls to action, and importantly they work on mobile devices.

You can find the new “Cards” tab in your Video Editor on YouTube, and you can create and edit them at any time, so you can add them to existing videos.

There is a specific card type designed for fundraising – you can view an example here (although we’re not sure why LandRover needs to fundraise!).

You can find out more about Cards here, 

Google changes make responsive design a priority

google logo
Google, the world’s leading search engine, is making changes to how it displays search results that will have a “significant impact” on sites not built to work responsively on mobile devices.

With immediate effect from 21st April, sites which are mobile-friendly will be give priority in search results on mobile. Google says: “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

The search company didn’t specify if this would also impact desktop searches, but there is widespread speculation in the SEO community that, if it doesn’t yet, it will in the near future.

The change means that sites which are built to work responsively, with a layout that adapts to mobile, will rank higher in users’ searches than those which aren’t, and is one of the biggest changes in the way Google ranks sites that has ever been announced.

In 2014, the number of people using mobile to access the web overtook those using desktop and laptop devices – and the gap continues to grow. With the web increasingly becoming a mobile experience, Google’s new search weighting is designed to reward sites which deliver their content for the majority audience.

If you want to check how well your site works responsively in Google’s eyes, you can use their  Mobile Friendly Test which analyses individual pages on your site and advises you what needs to be done to make them mobile friendly.

Digital Museums project concludes with forum finale

We’ve come to the end of an exciting and rewarding three-year project working with nearly 40 museums across the South West to help them develop digital strategies.

The SW Museum Digital Engagement Project, on behalf of the SW Museum Development Programme with funding from Arts Council England, will conclude with a special forum at Bristol’s M-Shed on 26th March, when we bring together some of the museums involved to share what we all learned.

It’s been a fascinating project, and we’ve learned as much  from the museums as they have from us, and we’ve seen many of the museums really take off with their digital engagement as a result.

We’ve also developed and tested a series of tools and measures for museums to develop, manage and track their digital engagement, which we will be using to support other museums going forward.

The forum will  recognise some of the museums where there’s been a digital transformation, as our “digital champions” pass on their experience.

Our work with the museum sector will continue with new projects and on our dedicated museum digital marketing blog – The Digital Museum.

100k and rising as innovation drives growth for auctioneers

A recent upgrade to our Hummingbird CMS “Auction Box” plug-in has helped one of our auctioneer clients hit 100,000 monthly visits and 1.5 million page views for the first time.

 Arthur Johnson, one of the UK’s largest auction companies, launched the new online bidding platform last month, and has already seen customer engagement boom.

They hit the 100,000 mark for the first time within days of launch and as word spread among their customers, they saw 1,000 new likes on Facebook in just 24 hours.

Page views – primarily users searching for items to buy – have also passed 1.5 million a month.

MD Phil Poyser said: “I’m delighted with that – it’s phenomenal.”

Auction Box is a website platform created by Tickbox to interface with ATG Media’s Bidmaster online auction software – the most widely used auctioneer platform in the UK.