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Tickbox launch major new Hummingbird CMS product

hummingbirdAfter more than 18 months development work, we’re delighted to have launched our new Content Management System, Hummingbird 3.0 (HB3).

We have redeveloped our longstanding Hummingbird CMS from the ground up to create a product that sets new standards in usability, supports fully responsive websites and gives clients a long-term development roadmap that allows us to share new and improved functionality as it is developed.

Hummingbird 3.0 is driven by a centralised core system that is regularly updated to introduce improvements and to respond to browser and OS changes going forward, giving our clients the security of a future-proofed website.

HB3 features include:

  • Powerful and feature-packed HB3 Media Centre with advanced file management for video, documents and images
  • Easy to use and highly flexible drag-and-drop page building
  • Reporting
  • Advanced user management and permissions
  • Responsive technology
  • Updated CMS interface
  • Management of meta data for SEO
  • Centralised management for transactions

On top of the core system, there is a growing library of bespoke plug-ins and Apps that can be installed with the central HB3 system. Plug-ins already created include, eCommerce,  fundraising Apps and private media-sharing repositories.

The first site to be launched on HB3 is for Bristol Health Partners, a strategic collaboration between the city’s three NHS trusts, three clinical commissioning groups, two universities and its local authority.

To find out more, or to request a demo, please get in touch with Tickbox at info@tickboxmarketing.co.uk


NHS partnership website launched on Hummingbird 3

Our latest website, for a partnership of NHS trusts, universities and local authorities, is the first of a number of projects to run on our new Hummingbird 3 CMS platform.

Bristol Health Partners is a strategic collaboration between the city’s three NHS trusts, three clinical commissioning groups, two universities and its local authority.

The website supports the partnership’s internal comms strategy, as well as providing a platform for engaging other bodies and professionals with their work.

The site is the first to run on the latest version of our Content Management System, Hummingbird and is designed to be responsive, user-friendly and highly flexible.

Hummingbird 3.0 has been in development for over a year and marks a significant upgrade on our tried-and-trusted CMS. The platform has been designed and specced in collaboration with a number of our clients to deliver a powerful CMS system designed for the way charities and other similar organisations work.

The centralised CMS system is created to allow best-practice to be disseminated across all our clients – with regular updates, improvements and upgrades seamlessly rolled out across all users. Through working with multiple charity, arts and public sector clients we are able to take successful and effective technical solutions and share them across all clients.

This ensures all HB3 users benefit from ongoing development work and future-proof their sites as well as benefiting from our experience and expertise in the sector.


New CMS launches, designed by and for clients

hb3 logoAfter a year of intensive development work, we are delighted to be launching our new Content Management System, Hummingbird 3.0 (HB3), this month.

The new CMS builds on the foundations of our original Hummingbird platform, but is completely re-vamped to offer a powerful, cost-effective and future-proofed solution.

Unlike our previous CMS, which were created as stand-alone platforms, HB3 runs from a central core that can be updated, amended and improved centrally and then rolled out to all users.

This ensures that all clients benefit from improvements and updates – ensuring that your website keeps pace with changing technology without the need of expensive re-development.

The platform has been developed with the client view at the heart of it – we’ve taken ideas, input and experience from a number of clients in our key sectors and input them into the CMS to ensure the system works the way we know works for you.

For our charity clients, there are powerful fundraising, membership, donation and income management tools. We have bespoke systems for auctioneer clients (Auction Box) that have a proven track record of delivering record sales for our users.

The whole user-experience has been overhauled to make it one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CMS’s available – with total control over all content through simple, user-focussed interfaces.

HB3 offers:

  • Annual updates automatically rolled out
  • Bespoked plug-ins to deliver functionality specifically for your organisation
  • Integration with leading fundraising, ticketing and membership systems
  • Responsive layout as standard
  • Simple re-skinning, allowing you to completely redesign the look and feel of your site without changing the CMS
  • Powerful image and media editing and management tools
  • Drag-and-drop page templating allowing you to simply create your own layouts
  • The opportunity to plug-in new functionality as required or as it is developed
  • Sector-specific plug-ins for charities, arts organisations and auctioneers
  • And much more

The first HB3 sites are being rolled out at the end of March. If you want to book a no-obligation demonstration of the new Hummingbird 3.0 CMS, contact us on 0117 3250091 or claires@tickboxmarketing.co.uk and we will get back to you to arrange a viewing.