A recent upgrade to our Hummingbird CMS “Auction Box” plug-in has helped one of our auctioneer clients hit 100,000 monthly visits and 1.5 million page views for the first time.

 Arthur Johnson, one of the UK’s largest auction companies, launched the new online bidding platform last month, and has already seen customer engagement boom.

They hit the 100,000 mark for the first time within days of launch and as word spread among their customers, they saw 1,000 new likes on Facebook in just 24 hours.

Page views – primarily users searching for items to buy – have also passed 1.5 million a month.

MD Phil Poyser said: “I’m delighted with that – it’s phenomenal.”

Auction Box is a website platform created by Tickbox to interface with ATG Media’s Bidmaster online auction software – the most widely used auctioneer platform in the UK.