In January, Google rolled up what has been described as a significant core update to its search engine algorithm.  Many people from the tech community have agreed this major update has impacted a large number of websites.

How do website owners get the best results from Google’s search engine?  It’s the million-dollar question, however, Google does give us clear pointers.  It’s all about your content!

Google says website content should be useful, relevant and most importantly it should be the content web visitors are expecting to access.  This is especially important for your home page. Content must be regularly updated.

It also helps if people link to your content, that the links have integrity and are, again, relevant to your content.  If you have great content people will want to link to it, so it helps to have great content in the first place.

Google really promote good practice around website accessibility and usability. So get your website checked against web accessibility standards.

In a nutshell, you can’t cut corners with Search Engine Optimisation (being Google friendly). You need a content strategy for starters. Want some help with your content strategy, give us a call on 0117 325 0091.