Update category Road map detail Notes Status
System critical PHP 7.2 upgrade In testing In progress
System critical Upgrade PHP Framework (with or without PHP 7.2 upgrade) In testing In progress
Functionality critical Media Centre Upgrades Developing global upload facility (first stage – blueprint) In progress
Updating Existing Functionality Updating password encryption In progress
Updating Existing Functionality CMS Action Behavious (all areas) Research Testing
Updating Existing Functionality Activity Logs Investigation In progress
Updating Existing Functionality SEO Management
Updating Existing Functionality Taxonomy Management
Updating Existing Functionality Storing emojis in the database Completed
Extending Existing Functionality Build template pages following the HTML development process
Provider User and Developer documentation so that we can expand on our developer base (if needed) or allow the team to install with ease
Modules and Module templates

Deleting / purging content automatically when deleting modules/templates

System Request Queuing

Reduce time between doing concurrent actions. Such as connecting to thankQ, sending bulk emails etc..

In progress

Critical Core System Updates:


Updated: Added a scope query for retrieving items and whether they’re set to show in the nav (Yes, No or all).

Fixed: Temporary fix for the search table to allow us to use the variables slightly better as scores were equating to zero (0) on title, url, summary and content areas. Still needs some work so perhaps it would be better to use something else other than this basic search. Or alternatively hook into a different searching platform.

Updated: Pages which are no longer live can not be searchable

Added: new command to clean search table (regularly)

Updated: Functional templates now appearing in alphabetical order

Fixed: Ability to store emojis [REQUIRES SYSTEM CONFIG CHANGES]

Fixed: HTML not rendering shortcodes on rendering plugin views

Fixed: SoftDeleting traits no longer supported for Modules and Module templates [REQUIRES SYSTEM MIGRATION]. All deleted modules/templates will be deleted permanently (when requested or currently deleted)

Fixed: SoftDeleting traits no longer supported for menu items. All items, and menus, will be purged when requested to be deleted.

Fixed: Breadcrumb issue, on incorrect URL, causing the site to crash when rendering breadcrumbs

Fixed: Issues around rendering theme views and duplicating page content.


* Functional page template cloning

* Core Permissions missing

* Delete confirmation modals