YouTube is a great platform for charities to get their messages out to a wide audience in powerful way – our client HorseWorld has just seen their moving video of rescue horse Buddy’s story go viral, attracting more than 40,000 views overnight.

But turning those views into cash hasn’t always been so straightforward for charities. Appeals in the video lack the direct call-to-action that converts a moment of engagement into a donation, and viewers rarely read the description where you’ve placed your donation platform link.

Until now, the only way to get users to click straight through was through annotations on the video, clickable text areas that are bit clunky and – crucially when most online traffic is now mobile – don’t work at all on smartphones and mobile devices.

Now YouTube has launched a new way of embedding interactive content into your videos -Cards. Cards are more elegant way of creating clickable calls to action, and importantly they work on mobile devices.

You can find the new “Cards” tab in your Video Editor on YouTube, and you can create and edit them at any time, so you can add them to existing videos.

There is a specific card type designed for fundraising – you can view an example here (although we’re not sure why LandRover needs to fundraise!).

You can find out more about Cards here,