With a glut of “experts” offering their services on social media, we’ve made sure to differentiate our training by focussing on marketing engagement strategies, not just doing the technology.

We don’t just want to excite you about the opportunities new technologies can present, but we help you to plan and use the tools that will make a real difference to how you engage with your clients/customers/communities and ultimately help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Our training is based on evidenced research, benchmark studies and client feedback.

How we work:

  • We keep our workshops small to allow for personalised and practical training
  • We bring sector/industry knowledge and understanding to contextualise the training
  • We use an e-adoption ladder to help you set goals and evaluate your progress
  • We believe in a shared learning experience and make this integral to our training

While each workshop is tailored, this is a general framework we use for our workshop:

1.  Showing examples of social media in action that is relevant to you

Outcome: This gives delegates an understanding of how and why social media works and the relevance to them.

2. Planning your social media, to cover:

  • Goals
  • Target Audience
  • User processes
  • Social media tools/platforms
  • Measures
  • Resource allocation

The outcome is for delegates to create their own draft social media plan/strategy.

3. Social media tools/Platforms

We look at the different social media tools including Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc

To help delegates decide on which tools would work for their social media marketing strategy.

4.  Introduction to the Social Media tools

This involves practical training on using the tools.

5.  Resource allocation

How to evaluate the time value investment for implementing social media marketing.

We provide half day or full day workshops as well as 3 hour taster sessions.

Please get in touch with us if you require further information or wish to book a place/workshop.

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