HB3 – Charity Fundraising Platform

Grow your supporter base, engage better and see direct income boosted with Hummingbird CMS – a web content management system that has been created by and for charities!

Hummingbird 3.0 (HB3) is the latest version of our dedicated charity Content Management System (CMS) and as such includes “out of the box” fundraising and supporter engagement functionality while our approach allows a user-driven philosophy to evolving plug-ins and updating our centralised core CMS.

Hummingbird Total Content Management

Benefits of HB3

  • HB3 has been developed specifically with our charity clients, it is a charity sector CMS by nature, rather than a re-worked general CMS.
  • HB3’s focus is on using technology to personalise contact with donors and supporters, creating an impact and growing income for organisations.

    “We’ve worked with Tickbox for more than a decade and were early adopters of Hummingbird and we’ve seen a fourfold increase in supporters in that time.”
    “What I like about it, is it has a good well-build core, and on that solid foundation it allows to expand and develop what we do with it. It has built-in flexibility.”

    Paul Marshall, head of Digital & Design at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

    WWT operate 10 sites across the UK and across them and at their HQ, with at least 100 HB3 admn users

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