Copyright and ownership of your website can be divided into 3 main areas:

– Your website content e.g. text and photography/images you provide for publishing on the world wide web.

All content provided by the client is the client’s copyright, except in the case of content obtained via 3rd parties, image libraries or individuals/companies. The client is responsible for ensuring copyright laws of third party copy/text, photography/images they use and/or supply Tickbox is complied with.

– Design e.g. graphic design (e.g. logo/branding), image/photographs that Tickbox provides.

If Tickbox has provided you with a logo, this is your copyright. Please note a cost may be applied for providing your logo in a different format, subject to the format request.

If we have sourced images/photography from an image library and/or a third party individual/company, then Tickbox would have purchased the license under the terms of use from either the image library or third party individual/company for use on your website and the terms and conditions of the image library or third party individual/company will be applicable. It is the client’s responsibility to check that their website images adheres to the terms and conditions of any image library or third party individual/company used by Tickbox.

Design work that is produced as part of a Tickbox tech application product belongs Tickbox Marketing Ltd.  This includes Data Capture + Directories.

All source design files belong to Tickbox and cannot be used for resale.

– Source code e.g. XHTML, CSS and dynamic code PHP. ASP, Perl etc, Flash, Java

Copyright and intellectual property rights to Tickbox’s Content Management Systems and tech  applications – including licensed products – belongs exclusively to Tickbox Marketing Ltd.

For some bespoke applications, with prior written agreement, intellectual property rights reside with the client on receipt of final payment from the client and sign-off of completion by both parties.  If clients fail to pay for services we reserve the right to retain our technology products and withdraw our services, including hosting, domain management.

Development work is carried out on the understanding it is to be used for the purpose for which we supplied it. You are not entitled to sell any of the development on to third parties, use it on other sites, modify it, or use it for any other purpose without the express, written permission of Tickbox Marketing.

Our source code is built and tested to work in our own hosting environment and we cannot be held responsible for technical issues arising from using your website source code in other hosting environments.

Volunteer Makers / Community Makers / Training Provider Directory Data Capture  Tool & Directory:

For clients using Volunteer Makers / Community Makers or our Directory Data Capture Tool: Data belongs to the client and any backing-up of data is the responsibility of the client.   Tickbox takes no responsibility for loss of volunteer or member data from Volunteer Makers or Community Makers.  The IP of any Tickbox tech product, including Community Makers, Volunteer Makers, Training Directory Data Capture Tool & Directory design templates belongs to Tickbox, white labelling and third party sales of Tickbox tech is strictly prohibited.


Work is under warranty for one to  three  months after delivery (subject to project requirements).

Corrective updates (logic errors and coding anomalies) are made free of charge within the warranty period. Outside of that, Tickbox may charge for corrective and adaptive updates not detailed to Tickbox within the warranty period. This is designed to encourage clients to use and monitor their sites when being used, to ensure a smooth start up of new sites.


Client acknowledges that as work develops, circumstances beyond Tickbox’s control may mean a variation to the specification and restrictions with this quote. Any circumstance resulting in a change to this quote (including, but not limited to, specification, restrictions, costs) shall be notified in writing before work commences on that area. Work will only then commence once the client has agreed in writing to the additional expense.


It is the responsibility of the client to fully populate their website, except when a brochure/static website is supplied, unless it has been agreed in writing, as part of the project requirements.


If the project is cancelled once accepted, for reasons outside of Tickbox’s control, but the cancellation is before completion of work, clients will be charged for the work completed to date on it.  Any unused retainer hours, following the cancellation, will not be refunded.  Cancelled project retainer hours will not be rolled over into any new contracts.

If, for reasons outside of Tickbox’s control, the project is cancelled once completed, you will be charged for the full amount.

Deposits are not refundable.


We do not refund Tickbox retainer contracts, tech product licenses or hosting packages, where there is a payment plan or payment is made in full.

All Tickbox contracts, including retainers, support, hosting, licenses will be renewed unless we are notified in writing of a cancellation prior to the renewal date, subject to our contract terms.  Please note that your retainer, support, hosting and licenses’ terms can include up to 12 months notice period for cancellation.  We advise that you check with us prior to any contract cancellation what the notice period is.


  • Full functional checklist
  • The site validates for XHTML transitional and CSS per W3C.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 elements will be used and may render some validators as ‘failed’
  • It validates against W3C Web content accessibility guidelines (based on WAI guidelines)
  • Compatible browsers/systems:
    Safari: Mac and Windows based machines
    Firefox: Mac and Windows based machines
    Opera: Mac and Windows based machines
    Chrome: Mac and Windows based machines
    IE10+: Windows only
  • Responsive testing (if applicable):
    Iphone 6+
    Windows phones
    Web based emulators for a series of other devices.

A full website health checklist will be completed alongside functional test plans for each area of your website. This is complete before the functional updates or development is put live.


Our range of hosting packages includes a capped bandwidth and site usage policy. If a client exceeds their limit they will be notified in writing and an additional hosting charge will be required.

For details of your hosting specification and principles please request from Tickbox.

Resources are defined as bandwidth, processor utilisation or disk space. Tickbox may implement the following policy to its sole discretion:

When a website is found to be monopolising the resources available Tickbox reserves the right to suspend that site immediately. This policy is only implemented in extreme circumstances and is intended to prevent the misuse of our servers. Customers may be offered an option whereby Tickbox continues hosting the website for an additional fee.

We do not refund cancelled hosting packages. Upon cancellation, the annual fee is due in full.


Use of Tickbox Marketing’s email services is subject to fair use. Use of 3rd party purchased mailing lists is forbidden. The mailing services cannot be used for spamming purposes. Tickbox reserves the right to suspend email services without notice.


Usually 50% advance deposit to cover requirements/planning, and design mock-up. The balance is payable following our development process i.e. build, test and upon go-live.

Larger projects will be subject to incremental payments. A schedule will be agreed with the client at the project inception stage or if additional build/development time is required.

Please note unused support hours or hosting cannot be carried over to subsequent months/years.


Please note our specification documentation acts as the only written documentation any Tickbox (or Tickbox external partner’s) development will be based on, supported by the floor plan – which represents and confirms our understanding of the clients requirements.