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Although current times are challenging for many people, perhaps the silver lining will be how we evaluate our lives and our impact on the environment. As part of our ongoing effort to help and support our world, Tickbox are pledging to do their part for the environment...
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The internet, carbon emissions and what you and tech companies can do

Many of us may not realise that the internet and websites services, like Facebook, Netflix, YouTube etc do produce significant carbon emissions...
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The internet, carbon emissions and Tickbox

At Tickbox we care about the environment of course, that’s why our hosting platform is supported by our partners UKFast – who’s services are 100% carbon neutral.

Can we help you?

Learn to do: - Micro and remote volunteering - non-contact participation- Engaging & growing your community through digital engagement To come together and do some good? During March / April / May 30 mins sessions - via online…

Time to focus on non-contact participation?

The life we're all experiencing is not as we knew it. The new normal means being in self-isolation or working remotely. Organisations, though, are still very focused on engaging their audiences. The challenge, and possibly the opportunity…

Staying Connected with Tickbox!

Tickbox has always adopted a flexible and homeworking policy for our employees. This means that our staff have the option for homework or working in our central office in Bristol. While the fast-developing Coronavirus situation is upon…

Think your site is secure? Well, it might not be now!

What happens when you suddenly discover your website is now telling the world it's no longer safe to use? Some very well-known websites have found themselves in this predicament and could stop functioning properly from Wednesday, 4th of…