Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m the apprentice here at Tickbox. But I’m not fresh out of school or college. I’ve had a long career as a graphic designer and have worked on everything from merchandise and advertising to magazines.

My knowledge pre-dates the computer era and most of what I learned was done with pencil and paper (need someone to neatly hand-letter some 8pt Baskerville? No, thought not).

What’s exciting me most now though is creating and building the kind of user interaction that just isn’t possible with printed media.

During the course of my apprenticeship I’ve been involved as a team member on many interesting and varied projects for our roster of worthy clients.

Helping to ensure donations are maximised; that users can navigate their way through a site; that sites are updated, secure and ranking well in search engines. And the great thing is, although I’m on a learning curve with the code and still getting to know the systems and procedures, I love that I can bring some design and aesthetic nous to the table.  I’m not just looking at the code as though it’s all that matters – I’m looking at the sizes of fonts, the space, the margins.

At college one day per week I also get to learn some great stuff such as video shooting, editing, animation, creative writing and social media.

It’s a fast-moving, interactive world out there and I’m loving the opportunity to add all this to my skillset. It’s not as though they were all geeks here before I arrived, in fact far from it, but I believe I’m adding some depth to what Tickbox can offer their clients.