New Tools for Volunteer Makers, in latest tech release!

Volunteer Makers latest release (v1.6.0) has a number of important enhancements.

Volunteers Makers is a technology platform that enables organsiations to approach volunteer recruitment and management through inspiring community engagement, diversifying volunteering and working across partnerships to deliver community and volunteering programmes.

With our latest Volunteer Makers tech release you can now target specific volunteers with a volunteer challenge. 

A challenge is an action, activity or event that you want to inspire members of your community to get involved with.  This can be remote, digital, micro or regular volunteering.

In the Volunteer Makers admin area, where you set up challenges, by default a volunteer challenge is sent to volunteers that match the skills and interests of the challenge.  However, you can now override this and send to specific volunteers.

If a challenge has no skills/interests attached, then it will send (if set to do so), to all volunteers.

Another enhancement is enabling volunteers to upload documents when they accept a challenge. Previously only images and videos had been allowed.

Administrators can upload documents to volunteers profiles. These documents could be anything relating to the Volunteer.

Volunteers who have closed their accounts can now re-open them. No longer will Volunteers need to re-register if they’ve closed an account. Instead they can re-activate it.

When Volunteers close accounts they can choose to anonymise all of their personal data.  Anonymised data is included in the Volunteer Makers impact reporting.

We are currently in the process of finalising our new VolunteerMakers2 platform which runs on our charity and community HB3 core content managing system, this will provide further marketing and engagement tools, including a campaign builder and ecommerce.