AuctionBox: Auctioneer Content Management System


AuctionBox CMS is a cost competitive, “in the box” solution from Tickbox, designed to complement the power of Bidmaster, the most popular Windows system for Auctioneers.

The CMS makes catalogue and sales management simple, elegant and effective and the e-marketing tools and consultancy provided by Tickbox has had a transformational effect on our clients’ business.

Auctioneers Arthur Johnson & Sons, of Nottingham have been using AuctionBox since 2011 and in that time have seen:

  • Significant reduction in admin time for auctions
  • Massively increased reach – visitor numbers up from 5000 a month to 70,000 a month
  • Record sales driven from online engagement
  • 100% reduction in press advertising costs, with all advertising now delivered online

To find out more about how AuctionBox can help drive sales and profits at your auctioneers, visit the AuctionBox website.


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