Instagram is 10 years old today, here’s 10 reasons it’s good for your business to use

Instagram seems to be part of the fabric of modern life, but in fact it is just 10 years old. To mark its first decade, here are 10 reasons why businesses should consider using Instagram:

1)   The platform has a billion users worldwide. In the UK alone, Instagram offers access to more than 26 million people.

2)   Instagram lets your company have a “public face”. You are engaging with a wide audience by sharing pictures of your team and happy customers.

3)   Instagram can be used to direct market your company’s offers – promoting brands and services. It can also be tailored to reflect trends and events.

4)   It is a prime way to network and build engagement with others. By having Instagram followers, you build a community interested in your firm and its offer.

5)   Instagram can help you analyse trends and build up a picture of people who connect with your business.

6)   It is a neat way of thanking customers and suppliers and keeping them interested in you and well-intentioned towards your business.

7)   Instagram can tell the stories you want to get out there better than more wordy content. These should reflect on your values as a business and the core message you want to get out there.

8)   In 2020, many customers expect to find businesses on Instagram. Not finding you there might create a distant, fuddy-duddy image that you may want to avoid. You also do not want people to find your competitors there, but you missing.

9)   Arresting Instagram images will point folk back to your site, where you can expand on your message, generate leads and make sales.

10)   A verified Instagram account acts as a trust signal to interested parties. It can show that your enterprise has sound roots, a public face and is bona fide. It sends out signals that you are not one of the sharks.

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