Savvy Digital for Driving Volunteer Programmes

This week we ran a workshop for a number of cultural organisations in the North West, including museums and libraries, on behalf of North West Museum Development.

Volunteer Makers Programme Director Claire Sully’s zoom session demonstrated why digital tech was integral to inspiring and engaging volunteers and how through growing online dynamic communities, this could help drive more traditional volunteer programmes.

As part of the workshop there were live in-person case studies from Inspire: Culture, Learning & Libraries who shared their experiences of taking a digital volunteering approach to growing their volunteer community across a number of cultural services.

Attendees of this online session were interested to understand how digital tech could work for volunteers and how Covid may have impacted the thinking behind the role of tech when looking to reach volunteers.

Feedback for our training session included:

“This is very useful data thank you.”

“So insightful! Thank you so much.”

“I’d love to see the learning pool after this session.”

“I love the challenges that are designed base on the amount of time that each volunteers can contribute in – such a smart way to do it.”

“Thank you for today guys – very helpful and informative. I have to go three volunteers are waiting for me.”

“Thanks so much, lots to think about! really helpful.”

If you would like to find out about our training session for being savvy with your digital engagement, contact us.