London’s ancient woodland set to digitally engage visitors and volunteers

Lesnes Abbey Woods is a park and ancient woodland, designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and a Local Nature Reserve. With its 88 hectares of meadows, heaths, woodlands and even fossil beds, it is one of the biggest green…

Volunteering Transformation happening at Suffolk Archives

Volunteer Makers has helped build communities and grow engagement for dozens of arts, culture and heritage organisations across the UK. We talked to one of our many partners, Suffolk Archives, to find out why they chose Volunteer Makers…

DJ Ian Is In Tune With Tickbox’s Tech For Good Mission

Hello! My name is Ian Lythaby. I have joined Tickbox Marketing in the role of Business Development & Partnerships Manager. I’m excited to be working for a company whose tech products have a positive impact for community groups, heritage…
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Covid 19’s Impact on Volunteering, Communities and the Economy by Claire Sully

Before the new normal was normal - that is before March 23rd, 2020, when lockdown was announced - we would evangelise about the millions of volunteers. We would note the billions of pounds their work amounted to, if equated to an economic value.…
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A great opportunity to horse about during the lockdown

Using technology to engage and inspire a community of supporters is a big part of what Tickbox do. And Bristol-based charity HorseWorld are using the web to keep spirits up and have some fun, by holding a virtual horse show.
Photo by Tuur Tisseghem from Pexels

Oldham show how to reach people – even in lockdown

The coronavirus emergency has left us with all sorts of challenges, including how to remain connected with others and still benefit from being part of community.
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The Spread of Online Dangers Since Lockdown

During the coronavirus emergency lockdown, the internet has been transforming the way we interact, do business and go about our everyday life.But the worldwide web has always been a sea that harbours many sharks, and like the pathogen we are…
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Tickbox Trees!

Although current times are challenging for many people, perhaps the silver lining will be how we evaluate our lives and our impact on the environment. As part of our ongoing effort to help and support our world, Tickbox are pledging to do their part for the environment...